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BABY RUNBOH - a Pencil Minnow for Offshore Game, with amazing casting performance


BABY RUNBOH,  is made of high floating hardened plastic wood, comparable in property to natural wood, weighs 70g even in F (= floating) type because of the high-density material characteristics.  Its amazing casting distance enables you to expand your area and gives you an overwhelming edge in fishing even with underhand casting.

As a result of pursuing undersurface* action (wobbling + rolling) by slow steady retrieve, and  an excellent dart action by light jerking. You can have it make irregular movement intentionally to entice fish. 

* 10cm under the water surface in case of F type



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Colour chart (all the 8 colours, from with respect to the photograph left)

01. laser blue sardine
02. laser green sardine
03. laser black sardine
04. laser silver

05. laser chart
06. laser pink
07. laser black
08. Cray  pink


Hook less specification.
(Recommendation ring size # 6 or more, recommendation hook size # 1/0 or more)

Total length: 145mm

 Floating 70g, Sinking 76g


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