MAXEL Sea Lion Two Speed Jigging Reel

MAXEL Sea Lion Series Two Speed Jigging Reel

6061-T6 Machine Cut One Piece Aluminum Frame
Cold Forged Aluminum Spool and Side Plates
Precision-Machined Stainless Steel Gears
Excellent Free Spool
Smooth and Durable Drag Performance
Ergonomically-Shaped Knob for Comfortable & Sure Grip
Anodized for Maximum Corrosion Resistance
Serialized Identification
5 Years Limited Warranty

SL08 4.5:1/2.2:1 20/330 7.0KGS 8.5KGS 8

SL10 4.5:1/2.2:1 20/495 8.0KGS 10.0KGS 8

SL16 4.5:1/2.2:1 20/545 9.0KGS 11.0KGS 8


Sea Lion Series Two Speed Jigging Reel

Precision machined ,rigid ,one piece tempered aluminum frame
Heat treated stainless steel gears
Carbon drag delivered wide range ,smooth performance even when wet
Ergonomically-Shaped Handle for Comfortable & Sure Grip
Excellent Free Spool
Heavy duty anodizing for maximum corrosion resistance
Easy to disassemble for quick service
Silent or Sound anti-reverse for option