MAXEL Sea Lion One Speed Jigging Reel

MAXEL Sea Lion Series One Speed Jigging Reel

6061-T6 Machine Cut One Piece Aluminum Frame
Cold Forged Aluminum Spool and Side Plates
Precision-Machined Stainless Steel Gears
Excellent Free Spool
Smooth and Durable Drag Performance
Ergonomically-Shaped Knob for Comfortable & Sure Grip
Anodized for Maximum Corrosion Resistance
Serialized Identification
5 Years Limited Warranty

OSL06 4.5:1 20/310 5.0KGS 6.0KGS 8+1

OSL08 4.5:1 20/330 7.0KGS 8.5KGS 8+1

OSL09 4.5:1 20/410 8.0KGS 10.0KGS 8+1

OSL10 4.5:1 20/495 8.0KGS 10.0KGS 8+1

OSL11 4.5:1 20/545 9.0KGS 11.0KGS 8+1


Sea Lion Series One Speed Jigging Reel